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Specialty :Regional Environment Creation

Division : Regional Resources and Environmental Economics

List of Professors Qualified as Major Advisors
Name (affiliation) Research Field
Expertise Descriptions
Dr.Agr Econo. ISHITSUKA, Satoshi(H) Food Economics Expansion of marketing strategic in food industry
Dr.Agr IZUMIYA, Masami(H) Agricultural Marketing Economic analysis of waste biomass recycling
Dr.Agr. TAKANASHI, Fumie (H) Agricultural Economics Distribution system of fresh vegetable and fruit in developing countries
Dr.Agr. NARITA, Takumi(H) International Food Marketing Studies on functions of agricultural products distribution structure
Ph.D. KINOSHITA, Yukio(I) Farm Management and Agricultural Economics Farm growth management, international comparison of institution for water management in agriculture
Dr.Agr. NONAKA, Akihisa (I) Agricultural Economics Theoretical studies and analysis on latest re-production structure of rural economy
Dr.Agr. ISOJIMA, Akiyo (I) Agricultural Economics Agricultural product marketing research
Dr.Agr. HASEGAWA, Tetsuya (I) Agricultural Economics Economic analysis of apple farming
Dr.Agr. HIYANE, Akira(I) Forest Planning
Environmental Education
1)The history of forest working system in Japan national forest
2)The evaluation method of environmental education
Dr.For. YAMAMOTO, Shinji(I) Forest Policy Theory and application concerning citizen's participation and consensus building related to regional resource management
Ph.D. ISHIMURA, Gakushi(I) Resource Economics and Policy / Sustainability Science・Education

1) Fishery Resource Economics and Policy・Quantitative Fishery Resource Management

2) Sustainability Science and Education

Dr.Agr. IEKUSHI, Tetsuo(Y) Environmental Accounting Environmental accounting for farm management
Dr.Agr. OZAWA, Wataru(Y) Agricultural Economics Study on management efficiency / Study on consensus building of rural area
Dr.Agr. SUMITA,Tsuyoshi(Y) Agricultural Economics Study on managerial growth of paddy farming
Dr.Agr. FUJISHINA,Tomoumi (Y) Agricultural Economics Revitalization of rural areas with food industrial cluster
List of Professors Qualified as Associate Advisors
Name (affiliation) Research Field
Expertise Descriptions
Dr. Agr. SATO, Takahiro (H) International Agriculture and Rural Development Studies on the relationships between rural livelihoods and the dynamics of environment, technologies and institutions
Dr. Agr. MASAKI, Suguru (H) Agricultural Economics Research on the characteristics of contemporary regional societies and support systems for regional agricultural development
Dr. Agr. YOSHINAKA, Satoshi (H) Agricultural Economics Study on management of the large-scale family farming
Dr.Agr. ITO, Sachio(I) Forest Policy Studies on the regional forestry structure and the production and distribution of wood
Dr.Agr. OGAWA,Sanshiro(Y) Forestry Economics A study about reproduction of hilly/mountanous area and role of the nonprofit business entity of the agriculture and forestry business
Dr. Lit. HAYASHI, Masahide(Y) Forest sociology Sociological studies on stakeholders in forest and forestry
Dr. Lit. WATANABE,Rie(Y) Human Geography Human impacts on environment

Division : Agricultural and Environmental Engineering

List of Professors Qualified as Major Advisors
Name (affiliation) Research Field
Expertise Descriptions
Dr.Agr. IZUMI, Mattashi(H) Irrigation, Drainage and Hydraulic Engineering Hydraulic design of hydraulic facilities and water requirement
Dr.Agr. ENDO, Akira(H) Agricultural Land Engineering Elucidation of mechanism for nitrogen cycle and leaching of nutrient salts in agricultural land
Dr.Agr. SASAKI, Choichi(H) Agricultural Land Engineering Studies on the influence of percolation pattern in seepage water on several phenomena in a layer
Dr.Agr. ZHANG, Shu Huai(H) Agricultural Machinery 1)Applications of image processing technology for agriculture
2)Non-destructive measurements for agricultural product's quality
Dr.Agr. FUJISAKI, Hiroyuki(H) Rural Planning Studies on sustainable rural development, especially for farm land consolidation, rural tourism, and so on
Dr.Sci. MORI, Hiroshi (H) Numerical Analysis in Soil Mechanics Functional Performance Evaluation in Foundation Ground and Soil Structure by Numerical Analysis
Dr.Agr. YE, Xujun (H) Agricultural Machinery 1)Application of remote sensing technology in Agriculture 2)Development of quality evaluation technologies for agricultural products using optical sensing
Dr.Agr. KURASHIMA, Eiichi(I) Hydrology Research on watershed runoff relevant to heat transfer at the air ground interface
Dr.Eng. SATTA, Naoya(I) Environmental Engineering Experimental and theoretical studies on transport of elements in water-soil system
Dr.Agr. YAMAMOTO, Kiyohito(I) Agricultural Facility Engineering Change in mechanical behavior of brittle material due to degradation
Dr.Agr. ANNAKA, Takeyuki(Y) Soil Physics Mechanism of moisture and solute movement in soils
Dr.Agr. OKUYAMA, Takehiko(Y) Geotechnical Engineering Survey of underground environment
Dr.Agr. KATAHIRA, Mitsuhiko(Y) Agricultural Machinery Studies on labor saving technique of open field vegetables by agricultural machinery
Dr.Eng. WATANABE, Toru(Y) Water Environ.Engineering

1. Environmental pollution and its impact on human health

2. Water quality management for sustainable water utilization

List of Professors Qualified as Associate Advisors
Name (affiliation) Research Field
Expertise Descriptions
Dr.Agr. KATO, Koh(H) Seepage Analysis, Structural Analysis, Agricultural Information 1)Numerical analysis of seepage and structure
2)Information use for agricultural production and rural development
Dr.Agr. KATO, Chihiro (H) Agricultural land conservation Analyzing and predicting soil moisture, temperature and gas condition Soil conservation in agricultural lands
Dr.Agr. MARUI, Atsushi (H) Irrigation, Engineering Engineering approach for solution of rural water problems
Dr.Agr. MORITANI, Shigeoki (H) Rural energy engineering Renewable energy application for greenhouse climate control
Dr.Agr. KANAYAMA, Motohei (I) Environmental Soil Engineering Studies on issues of farmland and agricultural structure and their conservation at lowland area
Dr.Agr. KANMURI, Hideaki (I) Rural environmental engineering Development of high efficiency paddy rotation system
Dr.Agr. HAMAGAMI, Kunihiko(I) Hydraulics Maintenance of water environment in agricultural water facilities
Dr.Agr. MAEDA, Takeki(I) Biomass Engineering Theoretical and applied studies on biomass utilization for sustainable agriculture
Dr.Eng. MIYAKE, Satoshi(I) Regional Planning Community design for regional planning
Ph.D. MUTO, Yoshiko (I) Environmental soil physics Water, energy and solute transport in soils
Dr.Agr. ISHIKAWA, Masaya(Y) Land Resource Sciences A new approach to sustainable land resource :new light on development and environmental conservation
Dr.Agr. HANAYAMA, Susumu(Y) Farmland engineering Study of material cycle in paddy fields
Dr.Agr. WATANABE,Kazuya(Y) Agricultural Engineering Applied studies on ecological management of rural resource

Division : Regional Resources and Environmental Management

List of Professors Qualified as Major Advisors
Name (affiliation) Research Field
Expertise Descriptions
Dr.Agr. AZUMA, Nobuyuki(H) Animal Ecology, Ecological Engineering 1)Ecology of fishes and birds
2)Habitat restoration in rivers and agroecosystems
Ph.D. IKEDA, Hiroshi(H) Evolutionary Ecology Studies on the evolution and the community of invertebrates
Dr.Agr. ISHIDA, Kiyoshi(H) Forest Ecology Ecology and conservation biology of forest plants
Dr.Sci. SOGABE, Atsushi(H) Animal Ecology Studies on the ecology and evolution of animal behavior in aquatic animals
Dr.Phi. IRASAWA, Michiya(I) Erosion Control Engineering 1)Sediment-related disaster mitigation measures and response planning for communities.
2)Sediment-related disaster analysis and prevention
Dr.Agr. KOFUJITA, Hisayoshi(I) Wood Chemistry Theoretical and applied studies on structure and function of natural organic compound
Dr.Agr. SEKINO, Noboru(I) Wood-based Material Production technology and utilization of wood based composites
Dr.Agr. TATSUKAWA, Shiro(I) Forest Engineering Theoretical and applied studies on harvesting system of forest resources
Dr.Agr. HARASHINA, Koji(I) Landscape Ecology and Management Studies on restructuring for sustainable regional ecosystems
Dr.Fish.Sci. GOTO, Tomoaki(I) Fisheries resource management Studies on ecology and management of coastal fisheries resources
Dr.Agr. ASHITANI, Tatsuya(Y) Forest Resource Utilization chemical utilization of forest resources
Dr.Agr. ENARI, Hiroto(Y) Wildlife Ecology Theoretical and applied sciences on ecology and management of forest mammals
Dr.Agr. HAYASHIDA, Mitsuhiro(Y) Forest Ecology Ecology of forest community and conservation of biodiversity
Dr.Agr. Mori, Shigeta (Y) Whole-plant ecology Whole-plant physiological ecology including roots from seedlings to giant trees
Dr.Agr. YOSHIMURA, Kenichi(Y) Forest ecology The mechanism of tree growth and mortality using ecophysiological methodology
Ph.D. Lopez Caceres Maximo Larry (Y) Climate Change

Study on the effect of climate change on forest ecosystems. understand the factors environmental factors that control the water balances in tropical, temperate and boreal forests.The interaction of carbon and nitrogen cycles in the soil-vegetation- atmosphere continuum within the forest ecosystem and its changes and the effect that forest fires and its oscillation has on them (Cycles).

List of Professors Qualified as Associate Advisors
Name (affiliation) Research Field
Expertise Descriptions
Ph.D. ISHIKAWA, Yukio(H) Plant Ecology Analysis of community dynamics of cool temperate forests and growth characteristics of its components
Dr.Sci. Tsou, Ching-Ying (H) Applied geomorphology, Erosion engineering Studying earth surface processes and geological phenomena for sediment-related hazard reduction and environment conservation
Dr.Sci. NAKAMURA, Takeyuki(H) Systematic Entomology Systematic study of diptera and mecoptera (Insecta)
Dr.Agr. YAMAWO, Akira(H) Forest Ecology Biological interactions in plants growing in forest
Ph.D. YAMAGISHI, Hiroki (H) Plant ecology Studies on the evolution of life history in wild plants
Dr.Agr. AZUMA, Atsuki(I) Conservation Biology Ecological habitat analysis of wildlife
Dr.Agr. KUNISAKI, Takashi(I) Forest Measurements Theoretical and applied study on the dynamics of forest size structure
Dr.Agr. SAKAMOTO, Yuichi(I) Forest Chemistry Developmental biology of basidiomycetes, enzymology of basidiomycetes
Dr.Agr. MASAKA, Kazuhiko(I) Silviculture Theoretical and applied studies on forest ecology and silviculture
Dr.Agr. MATSUKI, Sawako(I) Forest Ecology Study of sustainable function of forest health against biotic and abiotic stresses
Dr. Agr. YAMAUCHI, Kiyoshi(I) Wildlife Management Study on conservation and management of wildlife animals
Dr.Agr. KIKUCHI, Shunichi(Y) Watershed Conservation and Restoration Integrative science for watershed conservation and restoration
Doctor of Environment Science SAITO, Masayuki(Y) Landscape Ecology Landscape ecological studies on the relationships between human activities and wildlife

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