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Specialty :Cryobiosystems Science

Division : Thermo Biosystem Relations

List of Professors Qualified as Major Advisors
Name (affiliation) Research Field
Expertise Descriptions
Dr.Agr. HIDAKA, Satoshi(O) Animal Husbandry Effect of environment on animal physiology and performance
Dr.Agr. AKADA, Shinji(H) Plant Molecular Biology Molecular mechanisms underlying environmental responses in legume and beech
Dr.Agr. ISHIKAWA, Ryuji(H) Plant Genetics and Breeding Functional genomics of rice genes
Dr.Agr. SUGIYAMA, Shuichi(H) Plant Ecology Plant-microbe interactions
Dr.Sci. ICHINOSE, Mitsuyuki(I) Physiology Physiological human engineering for comfortable environment in livelihood
M.D. ITO, Kikukatsu(I) System Biology Thermoregulation in plants
Dr.Sci. UEMURA, Matsuo(I) Plant Physiology Physiological and molecular biological studies on cold adaptation in plants
Dr.Agr TAKAHASHI, Hideyuki(I) Plant Metabolism and Physiology Mechanism and engineering of plant metabolism
Dr.Sci. NISHIHARA, Masahiro(I) Plant Molecular Breeding Basic and applied biotechnology for plant molecular breeding
Dr.Agr NISHIYAMA, Ken-ichi(I) Biomembrane Biogenesis Molecular mechanisms underlying protein transport across biomembranes
Dr.Agr. YOSHIKAWA, Nobuyuki(I) Plant Pathology Structure and function of the genomes of the viruses isolated from fruit trees
Dr.Agr. SAITOH, Yasushi (I) Molecular Cell Biology Cell proliferation control under different environmental conditions
Ph.D. RAHMAN, Abidur(I) Plant Molecular Physiology Molecular regulation of plant hormones during growth and development
Dr.Phi. KAWAMURA, Yukio(I) Plant Physiology Responses of plants to low temperature stresses
Dr.Sci. MITSUHASHI, Wataru(Y) Plant Biochemistry Study on plant somatic embryogenesis
List of Professors Qualified as Associate Advisors
Name (affiliation) Research Field
Expertise Descriptions
Dr.Agr. KASUGA, Jun (O) Plant Physiology Studies on physiological responses of plants to environmental stresses
Dr.Agr. AN, Ying(I) Insect Physiology Insect biotechnology insect diapause
Dr.Sci. OGURISU, Tarou(I) Neuroscience Molecular mechanism of neuronal function
Ph.D. HATANO, Mari (I) Plant physiology Responses of plants to low temperature and water stresses

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