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Specialty : Bioresources Science

Division : Biomolecular Function

List of Professors Qualified as Major Advisors
Name (affiliation) Research Field
Expertise Descriptions
Dr.Sci. USHIDA, Chisato(H) Molecular Biology

Functional RNomics.

Function and structure of ncRNAs

Dr.Agr. SAKAMOTO, Kimitoshi(H) Biochemistry Analysis of energy metabolism founded on redox enzymes
Dr.Agr. SONOKI,Tomonori(H) Applied Microbiology Characterization and application of microbial function for sustainable production of chemicals
Dr.Sci. HASHIMOTO, Masaru(H) Natural Product Chemistry Study of natural product chemistry employing organic synthesis
Dr.Agr. HAMADA, Shigeki (H) Enzymology Analytical and applied studies on metabolic production mechanisms in plant and microbe
Dr.Sci. HIMENO, Hyouta(H) Biochemistry, Molecular Biology

Structure and function of RNA,

Morecular mechanism of the translation system

Dr. Med. MORITA, Eiji (H) Cell biology Molecular mechanisms of viral replication organelle biogenesis
Dr.Agr. YOSHIDA, Takashi(H) Enzymology Molecular analysis and application of enzymes acting on carbohydrates
Dr.Agr. KIMURA, Ken-ichi(I) Chemical Biology Chemical and biological study on bioprobes derived from natural resources
Dr.Agr NISHIYAMA, Ken-ichi(I) Biomembrane Biogenesis Molecular mechanisms underlying protein transport across biomembranes
Dr.Agr. MIYAZAKI Masao(I) Biochemistry Research on olfactory systems controlling innate behavior in mammals
Dr.Agr. YAMASHITA,Tetsuro(I) Biochemistry Biochemistry of enzymes in animal cells
Dr.Eng. YAMADA,Miwa(I) Applied Microbiology Microbial production of useful materials by metabolic and enzymatic engineering
Dr.Agr. KOSEKI, Takuya(Y) Applied Enzymology Functional analysis and applied studies on plant cell wall-degrading enzymes
Dr.Agr. SHIONO, Yoshihito(Y) Natural Products Chemistry Studies on bioactive natural products from untapped fungi
Dr.Agr. MURAYAMA, Tetsuya(Y) Bioorganic Chemistry Chemical studies on the important substance contained in Plants
List of Professors Qualified as Associate Advisors
Name (affiliation) Research Field
Expertise Descriptions
Dr.Agr. KURITA, Daisuke(H) Biochemistry Molecular mechanism of ribosome rescue system
Dr.Sci. TAKADA, Noboru(H) Natural Product Chemistry Bioorganic chemistry on developmental regulation of crops
Dr. Func. Med YAMADA, Hidetoshi(I) Chemical Biology Chemical biology is a scientific discipline spanning the fields of chemistry, biology and physics. It involves the application of chemical techniques, tools, and analyses, and often compunds producted through synthetic chemistry, to the study and manipulation of biological systems.
Dr.Agr. ABOSHI, Takako (Y) Bioorganic chemistry Researches on chemical substances regulating the interaction between plants and insects
Dr.Agr. HATTORI, Satoshi (Y) Microbial Resource Utilization Exploration and utilization of yet-to-be cultured microorganisms

Division : Cellular Genomics

List of Professors Qualified as Major Advisors
Name (affiliation) Research Field
Expertise Descriptions
Dr.Agr. AKADA, Shinji(H) Plant Molecular Biology Molecular mechanisms underlying environmental responses in legume and beech
Dr.Eng. KASHIWAGI,Akiko(H) Experimental Evolution Experimental evolutionary studies on RNA bacteriophage
Dr.Sci. KURO-O(KATAKURA), Masaki(H) Molecular Cytogenetics Analyses of genetic diversities in vertebrates
Dr.Sci. KOBAYASHI, Kazuya(H) Developmental & Reproductive Biology Switching mechanism of reproductive modes in planarians
Ph.D. SASABE, Michiko(H) Plant cell biology Molecular mechanisms regulating plant cell division and cell differentiation
Dr.Sci. NISHINO, Atsuo(H) Animal Physiology Molecular physiology on the regulation of locomotion in marine invertebrates
Dr.Sci. FUKUZAWA, Masashi(H) Developmental Biology Functional analysis of transcription factors involved in morphogenesis
Dr. Sci. YOKOYAMA, Hiroshi (H) Developmental and Regenerative Biology Organ-level regeneration in vertebrates, especially in amhibians
M.D. ITO, Kikukatsu(I) System Biology Thermoregulation in plants
Dr.Sci. UEMURA, Matsuo(I) Plant Physiology Physiological and molecular biological studies on cold adaptation in plants
Dr.Phi. KAWAMURA, Yukio(I) Plant Physiology Responses of plants to low temperature stresses
Dr.Agr. SAITOH, Yasushi (I) Molecular Cell Biology Cell proliferation control under different environmental conditions
Dr.Agr TAKAHASHI, Hideyuki(I) Plant Metabolism and Physiology Mechanism and engineering of plant metabolism
Dr.Sci. NISHIHARA, Masahiro(I) Plant Molecular Breeding Basic and applied biotechnology for plant molecular breeding
Ph.D. RAHMAN, Abidur(I) Plant Molecular Physiology Molecular regulation of plant hormones during growth and development
Dr.Agr. OIKAWA, Akira(Y) Metabolic Biochemistry Physiological and Biochemical studies of metabolism
Dr.Agr. TOYOMASU, Tomonobu(Y) Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Studies on terpenoid biosynthetic enzymes
Dr.Sci. MITSUHASHI, Wataru(Y) Plant Biochemistry Study on plant somatic embryogenesis
List of Professors Qualified as Associate Advisors
Name (affiliation) Research Field
Expertise Descriptions
Dr.Agr. OHKAWA, Hiroshi(H) Molecular Plant Physiology Fundamental and applied studies on molecular physiology in photosynthetic organisms
Ph.D. YOSHIDA, Wataru(H) Developmental Biology Molecular mechanism of morphogenesis and organogenesis in invertebrate
Dr.Agr. ABE, Akira (I) Plant Genetics and Breeding Theoretical and applied studies on plant genetics and breeding
Dr.Life Sci. KAWAHARADA, Yasuyuki(I) Plant-Microbe Interactions Studies on the interaction of legume plant and soil microbes
Ph.D. NEMOTO, Keiichirou (I) Biochemistry Signal transduction networks in plants
Ph.D. HATANO, Mari (I) Plant physiology Responses of plants to low temperature and water stresses

Division : Food Science

List of Professors Qualified as Major Advisors
Name (affiliation) Research Field
Expertise Descriptions
Dr.Agr. IWAI, Kunihisa (H) Food Functional Science Study on physiological function and ingredients in regional food materials, and pharmacokinetics of polyphenois
Dr.Fis. MAEDA, Hayato(H) Food Chemistry Screening of food and drug stuffs preventig common diseases and its application
Dr.Fis. SATO, Yukinori (H) Food Materials Science and Technology Food Materials Science and Technology
Dr.Fis. NAKAJIMA, Akira (H) Food Pharmacology Pharmacology and toxicology of chemicals in food
Dr.Fis. NISHIZUKA, Makoto (H) Molecular Biology, Food Science Molecular mechanisms of adipocyte differentiation and cancer metastasis
Dr.Agr. KOIDE, Shoji(I) Postharvest Technology Development of new technology for processing and storage of agricultural products
Dr.Agr. TSUKAMOTO, Chigen(I) Food Chemistry Improvement of functionality and taste characteristics of soyfoods
Dr.Agr. MIURA, Makoto(I) Food Chemical Engineering Theoretical and applied studies on food processing, preservation and quality evaluation
Dr.Sci. YANO,Akira (I) Research of health functions of foods Basic research of food materials for the health promotion, directed to the development of functional foods
Dr.Agr. ITO, Yoshiaki(I) Nutritional Chemistry Regulation of glucose and lipid metabolisms by food
Dr.Fis.Sci. YUAN, Chunhong (I) Fisheries food Science Theoretical and applied studies on seafood processing and storage ofr high quality and value-added seafood products
Dr.Agr. ORIKASA, Takahiro(I) Postharvest Technology Variability analysis of physicochemical property for processing technology of agricultural products
Dr.Agr. NAGAI, Takeshi(Y) Food Processing Studies on the development of efficient use and processing technology for food resources
Dr.Eng. WATANABE, Masanori(Y) Biomass and microbial resource utilization Development of biorefinery technology of agricultural residues for energy production
List of Professors Qualified as Associate Advisors
Name (affiliation) Research Field
Expertise Descriptions
Dr.Agr. UCHISAWA, Hidemitsu(I) Science of Bioresources Utilization of bioresources
Dr.Eng. KASAI, Yutaka (I) Polymer chemistry Development of functional materials using bioresources
Dr.Agr. INOUE, Nao (Y) Nutrition Biochemistry Studies on prevention and alleviation of metaboric symdrome by functional food

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