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Specialty : Bioproduction Science

Division : Plant Production

List of Professors Qualified as Major Advisors
Name (affiliation) Research Field
Expertise Descriptions
Dr.Agr. HANADA, Masaaki(O) Grassland Science Improvement of efficiency and sustainability of ruminants production from bio-resources such as grass and agricultural by-products
Dr.Agr. ARAKAWA, Osamu(H) Pomology Physiology of tree growth and fruit quality
Dr.Sci. KASAI, Minobu(H) Plant Physiology Physiological studies on the regulation of photosynthetic metabolism and assimilate partitioning
Dr.Agr. KAWASAKI, Michio(H) Crop Science Analysis of mechanism on the formation of the yield and quality in food crops
Dr.Agr. MAEDA, Tomoo(H) Vegetable Crop Science Studies on relationship between cultural condition and contents of phytochemicals in vegetables
Dr.Agr. ITO, Daiyu(H) Pomology Orchard meteorological ecology and fruit tree cultivation technology
Dr.Agr. KANG,Dong-Jin(H) Crop Science Morphological and physiological studies for tolerance mechanisms in crops under environmental stressful conditions
Dr.Agr. KURODA, Eiki(I) Crop Science Analysis of the dry matter production process and yield formation in the highyielding rice plants
Dr.Agr. TSUIKI, Mikinori(I) Conservation Ecology Environmental impact assessment of agriculture
Dr.Agr. TATSUZAWA, Fumi (I) Olericultural and Floricultural Science Study of new color flower breeding
Dr.Agr. KOMORI, Sadao(I) Pomology Fruit tree breeding and development of breeding technology in apple
Dr.Agr. SHIMONO, Hiroyuki(I) Crop Science High crop productivity under a changing climate
Dr.Agr. SYONO, Hiroshi(I) Agricultural Informatics Theoretical and applied studies on remote sensing and image measurement of state of plant growth
Dr.Agr. YAMASAKI, Atsushi(I) Horticulture Developmental physiology of vegetable crops, especially flower initiation and bulb formation
Dr.Agr. TAIRA, Satoshi(Y) Fruit Science Physiology of fruit development, maturation, and utilization
Dr.Agr. NISHIZAWA, Takashi(Y) Horticulture Physiological disorder and environmental physiology of vegetables
Dr.Agr. FUJII, Hiroshi(Y) Crop Production Science Studies on environmentally conscious agriculture of rice plant
Dr.Agr. MURAYAMA, Hideki(Y) Preservation Science Studies on preservation and postharvest physiology of agricultural crops
Dr.Agr. EGASHIRA, Hiroaki (Y) Plant Resources Revaluation and utilization of wild plants and localized crops traditionally used
Dr.Agr. MORI, Shizuka(Y) Crop Production Science Relationship between stable production of paddy-rice and enviromental factors
List of Professors Qualified as Associate Advisors
Name (affiliation) Research Field
Expertise Descriptions
Dr.Agr. MORI, Masahiko (O) Crop Science Study for plant production under heat stress condition
Dr.Agr. OHKAWA, Hiroshi(H) Molecular Plant Physiology Fundamental and applied studies on molecular physiology in photosynthetic organisms
Dr.Agr. HONDA, Kazushige(H) Floriculture Ornamental plats breeding and regulation of flowering, reproduction and conservation of wild plant species
Dr.Agr. MATSUYAMA, Nobuhiko(H) Agronomy Plant-soil interaction at low pH
Dr.Agr. UOZUMI, Sunao(I) Weed Science Weed suppression and nitrogen supply by white clover living mulch in forage corn
Dr.Agr. MATSUSHIMA, Uzuki(I) Environment Control in Biology Agricultural applications of neutron and X-ray radiographies
Dr.Agr. WATANABE, Manabu(I) Pomology Growth analysis and control of fruit trees
Dr.Agr. UCHINO, Hiroshi (I) Crop Science, Weed science Interspecific competition among higher plants in cropland ecosystem
Dr.Agr. IKEDA, Kazuo(Y) Fruit Tree Science Study of reproduction physiology in fruit tree
Dr.Agr. SASAKI, Yuka (Y) Edaphology Rice growth depended on soil and weather conditions
Dr. Agr. MATSUMOTO, Daiki (Y) Pomology Molecular and biochemical studies on the reproductive barriers in fruit trees

Division : Animal Production

List of Professors Qualified as Major Advisors
Name (affiliation) Research Field
Expertise Descriptions
Ph.D. KADOHIRA, Mutsuyo(O) Animal Health Veterinary epidemiology, Tropical veterinary medicine, Risk analysis, Livestock management
Ph.D. TETSUKA, Masafumi(O) Reproductive Physiology Ovarian physiology of livestock
1)Energy uptake and utilization in the ovary
2)Glucocorticoid (stress hormone) and ovarian function
Tomas Javier (O)
Disease control Animal Production Animal Production Veterinary Medicine, Disease Control, Life Sciences, Animal reproduction
Dr.Agr. SUZUKI, Hiroyuki(H) Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Maturation and activation of mammalian oocytes
Dr.Agr. MATSUZAKI, Masatoshi(H) Animal Feeding 1)Improvement of animal performance by nutritional manipulation in early life
2)Better utilization of unused biomass materials in animal feeding
Dr.Agr. KITA, Kazumi(I) Animal Nutrition Nutritional regulation of protein turnover and growth factor
Dr.Agr. SANO, Hiroaki(I) Animal Nutrition and Physiology Carbohydrate and protein metabolism in ruminants
Dr.Agr. HASHIZUME, Tsutomu(I) Animal Reproduction Reproductive physiology and endocrinology in domestic animal
Dr.Agr. MATSUBARA, Kazuei(I) Animal Breeding and Reproduction, Reproductive Immunology Study of super-early pregnancy factor and utilization of animal heredity resource
Dr.Agr. KAWAMOTO, Hidenori(I) Forage Science Studies on forage conservation and evaluation
Dr.Agr. SAWAI, Ken(I) Animal Reproducion Reproductive technology in domestic animal
Dr.Agr. TOUNO, Eiko (I) Forage Science Studies on forage conservation and evaluation
Dr.Agr. MURAMOTO, Takayuki(I) Animal Resources Utilization Physical and chemical characteristics and nondestructive evaluation of meat
Dr.Agr. NISHIMUKAI, Megumi (I) Animal Physiology Study on the physiological effect of functional phospholipids
Dr.Med. FUKUDA, Tomokazu(I) Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics Establishment of animal derived pluripotent stem cells and new immortalized cells, and their application to animal science
Dr.Agr. KIMURA, Naoko(Y) Animal Reproductive Biology,
Animal Biotechnology
1)Molecular reproduction and development in mammals
2)Sex control in animals
Dr.Agr. HORIGUCHI, Ken-ichi(Y) Animal Management Study on cyclic domestic animal management system
Dr.Agr. URAKAWA, Shyuji (Y) Feed Science Studies on production and distribution of rice whole crop silage and rice grain
List of Professors Qualified as Associate Advisors
Name (affiliation) Research Field
Expertise Descriptions
Dr.Vet. KIDA, Katsuya(O) Animal Production and Hygiene Herd healthg and disease provention using metabolic profile test
Dr.Agr. SEO, Tetsuya(O) Animal Behaviour Behavioral study on animal welfare for farm animals
Dr.Agr. FURUMURA, Keiko(O) Lactation Physiology and Animal Science Physiological and behavioral studies on cattle and horse
Dr.Agr. MATSUNAGA, Nobuyoshi(O) Animal Physiology Theoretical and applied studies on endocrinology and metabolism for ruminants
Dr.Agr. HAGIYA, Koichi (O) Animal Breeding Animal breeding and quantitative genetics in dairy cattle
Dr. Med. MURANISHI, Yuki (O) Gene and Nutrition The mechanism of epigenetic fetal gene modification during perinatal nutrition stress
Dr. Agr. FANG, Jia-Chen (H) Animal Feeding The utilization of unused organic materials for animal feed
Dr.Agr. ODA, Shin-ichi(I) Animal Nutrition and Physiology Nutritional physiology and immune function of ruminants
Dr.Agr. DEGUCHI, Yoshitaka(I) Animal Management Management and behavioural study on captive animal and wildlife
Dr.Agr. IKEDA, Kentaro (I) Grassland Science Grassland ecology and management
Dr.Agr. IGA, Kosuke (I) Animal Reproduction Reproductive physiology and endocrinology of bovine ovary and uterus
Dr.Vet. HIRATA, Toh-ichi (I) Animal Reproduction, Livestock production In vitro bovine embryo production, Synchronization of estrus, Nursing of calf, Prevention of enzootic bovine leucosis, etc.
Dr.Med. HIRAI, Toshiaki (I) Reproductive biology Reproductive and developmental biology of aquatic organisms
Dr.Agr. MATSUYAMA, Hiroki (Y) Animal Feeding Studies on the feeding of ruminants

Division : Biocontrol and Bioenvironmental Sciences

List of Professors Qualified as Major Advisors
Name (affiliation) Research Field
Expertise Descriptions
Dr.Agr. KOIKE, Masanori(O) Insect Pathology 1)Biological control using entomopathogenic fungi
2)Molecular epidemiology of insect and plant pathogenic Verticillium spp
Dr.Agr. TANI, Masayuki(O) Soil Science 1)Dynamics of dissolved organic matter in soils
2)Resource recycling and effective utilization of animal wastes
Dr.Agr. AOYAMA, Masakazu(H) Soil Science Dynamics of organic matter in soil environment
Dr.Agr. SANO, Teruo(H) Plant Pathology 1)Molecular structure, pathogenesis and host specificity of viroid (RNA pathogen)
2)Diagnosis and control of plant virus and viroid diseases
Dr.Agr. TANAKA, Kazuaki(H) Mycology Studies on taxonomy and phylogeny of microfungi
Dr.Agr. SAHARA, Ken(I) Applied Molecular Entomology Cytogenetical genome comparison in insect through fluorescene in situ hybridization mapping of orthologous genes
Dr.Agr. ISOGAI, Masamichi(I) Plant Pathology Basic and applied research of plant viruses infecting fruit trees in cold districts
Dr.Agr. TAWARAYA, Keitaro(Y) Plant Nutrition and Soil Science Low phosphorus tolerance of plant and utilization of mycorrhizal fungi
Dr.Agr. YASUDA, Hironori(Y) Animal Ecology Biological control of pest insects
Dr.Agr. CHENG Weiguo(Y) Plant Nutrition and Soil Science Studies on carbon and nitrogen dynamics in plant-soil ecosystems with global change
Dr.Agr. HASE, Shu(Y) Plant Pathology Study on biological control of plant diseases
List of Professors Qualified as Associate Advisors
Name (affiliation) Research Field
Expertise Descriptions
Dr.Agr. HASHIMOTO, Yasushi(O) Soil Microbiology Ecological study of mycorrhizal fungi
Dr.Agr. AIUCHI, Daigo (O) Applied entomology Biological control of agricultural pest insects, vector insects and grain-storage insects
Dr.Sci. KANEKO, Yu(H) Insect Physiology Mechanisms of programmed cell death at pupal metamorphosis
Dr.Phi. TATEISHI, Takahiro(I) Soil Biochemistry Nutrient dynamics between plants and soils through microbial transformation
Dr.Agr. DEGUCHI, Shin(I) Soil Science Effect of cover crop on the nutrient uptake and growth of main crop
Dr.Agr. KONDO, Toru(I) Plant Pathology

1) Virulence gene analysis of viruses in vegetables

2) Diagnosis and control of plant diseases

Dr.Agr. FUJISAKI, Koki(I) Plant Pathology Basic and applied study on the mechanism determining susceptibility and resistance against plant pathogens
Ph.D. SATO, Satoru(Y) Agroecology Studies on agro-ecosystem especially in paddy field
Dr.Agr. KOBAYASHI, Takashi (Y) Phytopathology Plantdisease control using disease forecasting system

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