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Q1: How can I become a research student at UGAS?
A1: As a general rule, those who have completed the PHD program are eligible to become research students.
Q2: What are the procedures for the temporary absence from school, dropping out of School, school, returning to school?
A2: If the student wishes to temporary absence from school, dropping out of School, school, returning to school, he/she should come to the office of UGAS for discussion and please present the necessary applications. (The applications are here)
Q3: How can I get a student certificate or any other certificate?
A3: If you need any certificate, please fill the application form and submit it to the reception of each of the constituent universities or send it by e-mail or Fax to the office at UGAS. If you want a reply by mail please send as an envelope with a stamp glued on it to the office of UGAS. (The applications are here)
Q4: What about the payment of the school fee?
A4: The school fee will be withdrawn from the financial institutions that students registered. The withdrawal for the first semester will be in May and in November for the second semester. Please be aware that if the total amount is not available, no withdrawal will take place. No notification will be send before or after the withdrawal.
Q5: How can I get a student ID card or renew it?
A5: In case the student ID is lost, or the students stay more than three years, or if the family name is changed, please send an application with an ID picture to UGAS.(The applications are here)
Q6: What to do if I want to change the P.O. address or the e-mail registration?
A6: In case you wish to change the content of the admission application (address change, name change, change of address of the guarantor or family), please make a new submission. If you do not make the submission, very important documentation will not reach you. The application forms are distributed in the administration office of each of the constituent universities. If you decide to change the registered e-mail address please send us an e-mail to
Q7: In case of traveling abroad?
A7: In case students affiliated to UGAS travel abroad, you need a notification. WORD DOWNLOADJapanese students have to make an overseas trip report (leaving the country), foreign students need to submit a WORD DOWNLOADtemporal overseas trip (return to their country or traveling to another country). If the trip is longer than one month, please submit aWORD DOWNLOADreport of the overseas trip,after your return (Forms are here)
Q8: Do I have to pay back the scholarship? Is there a way to wave it?
A8: In case you received a scholarship during the Masters’ course, the return payment will be waived as far as the student is in the PhD program. In case the student does not finish in three years, the application must be submitted every year. The students can start paying back the scholarship when the student finishes the PhD program.
Q9: What should I do if I want to quit a scholarship?
A9: If the student decides to take a temporary absence from school or drop out of school, then the funding provided by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science or the scholarship from the Japan Student Service Organization is not necessary any more. In this case contact the UGAS office immediately to start the procedure necessary to stop the payment and submit the necessary applications (See in detail here)
Q10: About obtaining the PhD degree
A10: In this Graduate School, PhD degree can be obtained through the PhD program (the PhD degree is granted to students that complete with the PhD program at the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences) or through a Doctoral Thesis (the PhD degree is granted to students that pass the examination of the Doctoral thesis, they submit). Look at the rules and the doctoral thesis homepage for the procedures necessary to obtain the PhD degree.
Q11: Do you want to obtain the PhD degree by Doctoral thesis?
A11: The candidate must submit the doctoral thesis and after passing the preliminary examination, the degree thesis examination and the approval of the Graduate school Faculty members, the PhD degree is granted in September or March in the graduation ceremony. The reception of the doctoral thesis is in May and October. The exact period is decided by the Dean of the Graduate School; therefore please prepare in advance the applications after confirming the timetable of the examination date.
Q12: About the article 14.
A12: In this Graduate school the supervision of candidates that already hold a job is made simpler through the “special article 14 for graduate students”. If necessary, the education of these candidates is carried out in the evening or during especial hours, but it is necessary to apply for permission during the admission process.(The applications are here)
Q13: About the long-term course system.
A13: The standard period in this Graduate School is 3 years, in case research supervision exceeds the standard time [because of job obligations], a two years extension is possible [according to article 15 which allows the completion of the long-term educational program]. It is possible to apply for this extension during the admission process or during the enrollment period but the application cannot be done the last school year. The application should be submitted until the end of January. In case the application is accepted, the school fee for the permitted longer period must be paid within the standard period.(The applications are here)
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