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Staff introduction
Consultation Service for UGAS-IU students
Introduction to the Dual Ph.D. Program


Report Form

Course Author Form    Example
Course Registration Students and Major Advisory Professor WORD DOWNLOADForm2  
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Trips overseas

Item Contents
WORD DOWNLOADReport of the students’ trip overseas (Departure) In case of a trip abroad of Japanese students submit the following document please
WORD DOWNLOADNotification of temporal trip overseas(Return/Trip) In case of a temporal trip abroad of foreign students submit the following document please
WORD DOWNLOADReport of the Students’ trip overseas (return) In case of traveling abroad for more than 1 month, please submit the following document after your return.
WORD DOWNLOADApplication form of the travel insurance In case of traveling abroad for research or lectures, student can be covered by travel insurance for free. Please submit the application form 1 month before your departure.


Item Contents
WORD DOWNLOADIssuance of Certificates Please submit the following documents when you request the certificates below:
  • Certificate of School attendance ・
    Certificate of Research Enrollment
  • Certificate of Joint Seminar
  • Certificate of Expected Completion (After the beginning of the academic year)
  • Certificate of Completion
    Certificate of Academic Record (It is necessary to attached the report of the Research Conditions at the beginning of the academic year)
  • Certificate of the Degree Acquisition
  • Certificate of Government-financed foreign students (Japanese-English)
  • Others
WORD DOWNLOADIssuance of the Certificate of Expected Completion Please submit the following in case the [certificate of expected completion]is necessary at the beginning of the academic year.

Absence from University/Withdrawal from the University/Reenrollment in the University.

Item Contents

PDF DOWNLOAD Application for Temporal Absence from University
PDF DOWNLOAD Application for Withdrawal from the University
PDF DOWNLOAD Application for Re-enrollment in the University

PDF DOWNLOAD Confirmation Form of Re-enrollment in the University

After the student personally sign the document together with the consent of the guarantor or main supervisor, please bring to the UGAS Office. In case there is a deadline for applications please contact the UGAS Office. ※ The UGAS students only can be used these form.

Students’ certificate

Item Contents
PDF DOWNLOADApplication for reissuing of the students’ certificate Please submit this document in case of requesting the reissuing of the students’ certificates.
PDF DOWNLOADApplication for the renewal of the certificate Please submit this document in case of requesting the renewal of the Student’s Certificate expiration.

Article 14

Item Contents
WORD DOWNLOAD PDF DOWNLOAD[Document of Supervising Plan] Article 14 system To be submitted during the admission process. Form for the Supervisors to fill.

System long-term registration.

Item Contents
PDF DOWNLOADSystem of long-term completion System for completion, when the period for the completion of a course is passed the plan for a fix period in the Educational Program. Please submit both applications (1) and (2). In case of application please contact the office in advance.
WORD DOWNLOAD PDF DOWNLOAD(1)Application form of completion of the long-term educational program (Application to the president of the University) Here the student must fill the form, the guarantor’s sign or the main supervisor’s opinion must be included and the document submitted.
WORD DOWNLOAD PDF DOWNLOAD(2)Document for the Research Supervising Plan of the Long-term Course System (application to UGAS Dean) Please submit the document that supervisors can find here.

Communication for Science

Item Contents


Item Contents
PDF DOWNLOADReport the change of address If you changed your address or your phonenumber, please submit this form.
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