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A message from the Dean

Message from the Dean to current and prospective students



Dean, UGAS

Iwate University

The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Iwate University (UGAS) offers only Ph. D. program in agricultural science specializing in the problems concerning human security, food production, and environment. Currently one hundred twenty students are enrolled in different programs in the three constituent universities (Hirosaki University, Iwate University, Yamagata University). They are being supported and advised by more than two hundred faculty members in UGAS.
 Nowadays, globally, people are facing serious problems regarding the environment, food production and national security. To solve these problems, the United Nations have suggested a very unique program named ESD (Education for Sustainable Development), which supports the educational activities among citizens all over the world.
 However, besides common citizens, expert people with specialized skills and intelligence are required to confront the problems. UGAS strongly hope that the graduate students will develop themselves as future leaders of the nation who will solve the problems with local as well as global perspective. It will be a great experience for you to work for the sustainable society with other experts and specialists to make a better world for future.
 UGAS is committed to help the students with all its resources to make them successful scientists in the agricultural field. We hope your research and work in UGAS will pave a new path to the agricultural fields and help the community.

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