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A message from the Dean

Greeting from the Dean



Dean, UGAS

Iwate University

The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Iwate University (UGAS) is the graduate school for Ph.D. program only. The universities are located in the rich natural environment of Hokkaido and Tohoku areas of Japan. The farm land areas of these three universities (Hirosaki University, Iwate University and Yamagata University) play vital role for food production in Japan, and its value for the nation’s agriculture has been increasingly recognized in recent years. UGAS, established in 1990, has developed its various educational systems in doctoral program in order to utilize the physical distances among three affiliated universities effectively. Some unique courses such as Science Communication Camp and Research Internships are comprised of the global view. These courses have been remarkably resourceful for the students since 2007 when the curriculum was shifted to credit system. The courses provide students not only their professional knowledge but also an opportunity to advance their ability to solve the problem at the global fields.

There are many serious problems in the world concerning environment, poverty as well as human security. Therefore, various approaches and activities to develop human resources are continued around the world, based on ESD (Education for Sustainable Development). ESD was established on the 57th United Nation General Assembly. To confront the global problems with serious factors, it is necessary that the specialists have wide perspective and positive action in each division. The agriculture oriented studies deal with all kinds of problems related to human calamities, environment, and food production. The doctoral program, especially in agricultural fields, should be one of the prior institutions to nourish the leaders who can contribute to solving difficult problems. The UGAS, along with its rich resources of education and nature in each constituent university will definitely help to promote the educational experience of students as UGAS provides the global standard education in agricultural science.


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